Mazar of Dudhu Mian

Mazar of Dudhu Mian Dhaka

The mazar, or the grave, is lying in a narrow lane off Bangsal Road, about fifty yards from the Mahaot-toli crossing. Dudhu Mian, originally named as Muhammad Mohsin, was the son of Haji Shariatullah, the founder of Fara’izi movement in Bengal in the last century. Dudhu Mian was born in 1819, and he died on 24th September, 1860 in Dhaka and was buried at this place, where originally stood Dudhu Mian Dalan. He carried the mission of his father ahead and had great success in organizing the peasants of the lower districts of Bengal.
The grave is flush with the ground, and is preserved in a small rectangular enclosure to which two doorways provide entrance. The enclosure is made of brick and plaster over which white wash is applied. It has a screen made of leafy designs cut in plaster. The doorways are poor imitation of rectangular door-frames with some off-sets added for variety.
The grave complex is today encumbered by high buildings on all four sides.

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