Rent A Car Rate

Car hires daily deals in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Prices of daily deals:

  1. Private car:

    1. For Dhaka city: Exio/ pemio, G/ X corolla—4000/- body rent. 5000/- package rent for whole day (10 hours). Rent will be less for 4/5 hours (rent negotiable). (body rent means-only vehicle with driver, the fuel cost, parking cost and bridge charges will depends on travellers).
    2. Outside of Dhaka City: Rent will be depends on according to distance of other city for package rent. Body rent will be 4000/- for per 18 hours.  Khaled rent a car
  2. Micro Bus:

    1. Noah Micro for Dhaka City: 3500/- for body rent, package is 5000/- for whole day (10 hours).
    2. Outside of Dhaka city: 3500/- for body rent for 18 hours and package rent is depends on distance of the destination.
    3. Hiace Micro Bus rent will be 500/- additional for body rent.


Founded in 2015, Khaled Rent A Car has grown from a small business of 10 people in the Bangladesh, which offers its services in more than 20 points in 5 districts. We can give our customers high quality service at the most competitive prices. Take advantage of our offers of car hire in Dhaka and pick up your car at the airport, train station or any of the offices available in the city.



The flow through the center of Dhaka is typical of any large city, traffic is quite dense. You should note that:

The left lane is only used for overtaking.

Using the phone while driving is strongly prohibited.

You can learn more about traffic rules by visiting our Traffic rules in Bangladesh page in this website.



Park in the city center is often complicated and due to the high demand the City Corporation has decided to regulate regularly. You can park your car which is not economic; this is called the underground parking. Or you can choose to park on the edge of downtown or a little far away from the market, busy office place and access it on foot or using public transportation.

Book your car hire with Khaled Rent a Car in Dhaka and discover this amazing tourist destination with complete freedom. In addition, you can move with your rental car to nearby attractions such as Cox’s Bazaar, located about 392 km, or other tourist spot.