New Market

New Market Dhaka

New Market was built in 1952-54 to cater for tile needs of the new population that had grown in Azimpur Estate and Dhanmondi residential area. On one side it faces Mirpur Road and on the other Pilkhana Road. It consists of two separate parts – one is a market for fish, meat and vegetables, and the other is a center of retail shops for cloth, books, medicine, toilet materials and various other sundries needed for the household purposes. There are three main high arched gates leading into the shopping centre, one on Mirpur Road, second on Pilkhana Road and third facing west, at present an open space, and hence least used. This market is built in an oval fashion with a central park as the main focus; round which goes an Inner Circle with shops on the inner side as well as outer side.
 A pedestrian pathway separates the inner Circle from the Outer Circle, which has shops only on the inner side. There is a running covered veranda in front of the shops. From the outside the blank walls with their ventilation present a dismal feature, which is hardly relieved by the disproportionate gates. The shopping center is a great help to the visitors who find here most of their requirements. It is closed on Tuesday and the forenoon of Friday, but remains open on Saturday and Sunday, when the rush of people is great as the city shops are closed on these two latter days.
Dacca Sketch map 1961

Dacca Sketch map 1961

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