choto katra

choto katra  Dhaka
choto katra is situated about 200 yards east of Bara Katra, from where it can be approached by a by-lane. From Mitford Road we can also go to Choto Katra by Hakim Habibur Rahman lane.
Choto Katra was built in A.D.l663 by Nawab Shaista Khan probably along with his great building project, which also included a palace, a mosque, a great band, called Poshta, along the Buriganga, which extended from Mitford Hospital to Lalbagh. This Katra is of similar plan and purpose as the Bara Katra, but is smaller in size, and has suffered much owing to neglect and later repairs. Its two gateways, however altered, are still in existence. That on the river side is three-storeyed, and the frontal arch is carried to the top of the second story. The triple windows on the third storey and the crowning minarets are all modern, and so is the parapet. On the back side a new porch has been erected. The second gate is double-storeyed, and displays same features. Most of the rooms on the right and left wings are in existence, but the open courtyard in the centre is so overcrowded with merchants’ godowns that nothing of the original grandeur can be visualized.


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