Greek Memorial

Greek Memorial Dhaka

The Greek Memorial stands on the main Shahbagh Avenue and faces Ramna Race Course. [It is now inside the open courtyard of the Teachers Students Centre (TSC) of the University of Dhaka, occupying its north-eastern side.] It occupies the site where originally a Greek cemetery was situated. The monument stands alone and at once attracts the eye. To its southern side is now being built Atomic Research Centre and to its northern a Students’ Centre. The main building is square, which, with its projecting bay, one on each of the four sides, makes a cross plan. The bay is formed by two fluted pillars of Doric order, on which rests the entablature and a triangular pediment. Over the top on the eastern face we get the following inscription: MAKARIOI OYS EPHELEPHOY KAI PROSELA BOY. One entrance from the east leads into the Memorial. On the walls within are fixed nine inscriptions carved on black stone, of which five are in Greek and the remaining in English. The oldest inscription is dated 1800 and the latest 1843. The persons buried were businessmen in Narayanganj.


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