Tomb of Bibi Champa

Tomb of Bibi Champa Dhaka

In the courtyard of the Chota Katra stands an old single-domed square tomb, measuring 24 feet each side, of plastered brick-work. Its arched doorways on the four sides are flanked with graceful tapering minarets, standing upon inverted jars, while the dome is resting on battlemented octagonal drum. The grave in the interior has been leveled down to the ground. Aulad Hasan informs that the tomb is “said to have been built by the Amir-ul-Umara Shaista Khan over the graves of Bibi Champa, after whom the quarter is called Champatoly.” Hakim Habibur Rahman notes the local tradition that Bibi Champa was a concubine of Nawab Shaista Khan, and he refutes the assertion of Rankin that she was his daughter.

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