Farrukh Siyars’ Mosque Dhaka

The mosque is situated to the south of tile Southern Gate of Lalbagh fort. It was built by Prince (afterwards Emperor) Farrukh Siyar, during tile time he acted as the representative of his father Prince Azim ush-Shan at Dhaka (see above).
The mosque is a spacious building, measuring 164’ by 54’, one of tile largest mosques in Dhaka. But it is of little architectural beauty. It was originally roofed with wood and planks, but after its collapse the present masonry roof was constructed by Nawab Si, Abdul Ghani Bahadur of Dhaka about eighty years ago. A new minar for the purpose of azan (call to prayer) has now been added. This is a typical minar, the like of which we find in most of the mosques here.

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