Car Rental Quotation Example

Here is an car rental quotation example. Any company or office can follow this model of quotation when they want to rent a car or Micro bus from Khaled Rent a car in Dhaka.

Date: 17 December 2017                                                                         Ref: X/Admin/RFQ/2017/12/01




Khaled Rent a Car

96, 1st floor, Boundary Road, Borobag, Mirpur 2, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh


Attn: Khaled Mosarrof

Phone:  +880 1933-246577,

Re: Request for Quotation (Monthly basis & Daily basis) for 2018 on quarterly review basis.

Dear Sir,

(Company Name Here) needs sedan car and microbus for its program round the year in daily basis and 2 nos. sedan cars as monthly basis. Hence we are inviting quotation from potential vendors for the year 2018. Sealed quotations with are hereby invited from your firm on your Letter Head Pad according to the format given below on or before 20 December 2017.


Toyota X/G (2000- 2008) for Monthly basis rent:



Sl no. Proposed Model Year of registration in Bangladesh Kilometer run Total years of driving experience of the Driver Driving experience of the Driver inside Dhaka City Monthly rent (Tk.)


Vehicle (Sedan and Microbus) for Daily basis rent:


Sl. No. Vehicle Model Seat Capacity Daily rent

(Inside Dhaka)

Daily rent

(Outside Dhaka)

01. Toyota Corolla (X/G) 2004-2008 4    
02. Toyota Allion/ Premio 2007-2012 4    
03. Toyota X Noah/ Voxy (New shape) 2008-2014 8    
04. Toyota Hiace (New shape) 2008-2014 12    



Sl Particulars Inside Dhaka city Outside Dhaka city
Sedan car Microbus Sedan car Microbus
01. CNG cost per kilometer        
02. Octane cost per kilometer (applicable in case of emergency where CNG is not available i.e outside Dhaka)        
03. Overtime rate per hour

(applicable after 10 hours of general duty)

04. Driver’s allowance for Night hold

(if have to stay whole night only for outside Dhaka)



05. 20 litre Octane will be given for the CNG run vehicle (for monthly basis vehicle)



Documents to be submitted:

  1. Quotation in a sealed envelope.
  2. Copy of Trade license.
  3. Copy of TIN certificate.
  4. Copy of Registration certificate, Tax token, Fitness certificate (for monthly basis proposed sedan cars).


Please, Note that all payments will be subject to deduction of VAT and AIT at source as per government rules.


Thanking you for your cooperation

Name Here

Manager- Administration & Logistics



  1. Terms & Conditions




  1. Agreement Period: The quoted rates must be valid for the year 2018. (X Company) tends to hire 2 sedan cars for round the year 2018 as monthly basis. (X Company) also hires sedan cars and microbus as daily basis as and when required for it’s programme , events etc.
  2.  Monthly payment (for monthly basis vehicle): (X Company) will pay monthly rent, total CNG charge, 20 litre Octane per month and overtime payment for the driver. The mileage will be calculated based on starting and ending meter reading according to the log book record signed by the user. Meter Reading will start from (X Company) and also end at (X Company) office. Overtime will be calculated after 10 hours duty and during holyday total hour of service will be calculated as overtime duty of the driver.
  3. 3. Working Day:

For monthly basis : Working day will be 6 days a week; from Saturday to Thursday.

       For daily basis vehicle: Working day will be counted for that days on which vehicles are      

       used for.

  1. Working Hours: The normal daily duty hours of the driver will be 10 (ten) hours
    (from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m) including (1/2) half an hour lunch and prayer break. There
    will not be any additional benefits for the driver. For Daily basis vehicles: normal working hours will also be 10 hours. After that overtime will be counted.
  2. Responsibilities and Liabilities of the Driver:
  3. Driver must be polite, acquainted in official norms (i.e. must wear clean cloth/ shirt
    and trouser) and experienced with valid Driving license.
  4. Driver must not go beyond the shortest time route through the main roads indicated by their approved requisition/ task slip. If the driver has to change the route for any emergency, he must consult with the (X Company) admin.
  • Driver must not leave the vehicle unattended during the trip, especially when (X Company) staffs leave the vehicle for meeting or any other official purpose.
  1. If any (X Company) staff leaves his/her/ (X Company)’s belongings in the vehicle by intimating the driver accordingly, it will be the responsibility of the driver to take care of these belongings. Any loss/ damage of belongings happened for carelessness of the driver will be treated as the liability of the driver and the vendor. The value of the damaged/ lost items will be compensated from the payment of the vendor.


  1. Vehicle Condition: Vendor has to supply the vehicle in good condition with
    AC and experienced driver, valid Driving license with mobile phone. That vehicle must be CNG converted vehicle. Vehicles should be equipped with security measures including better locks and alarm system.


  1. Maintenance & Repairing: Maintenance & Repairing of the vehicles has to be done by the

Vendor on Friday or govt. holidays and the vendor will bear the repair & maintenance cost.


  1. Replacement of Car in case of Emergency: In case of any mechanical failure or
    accident of the vehicle or any other failure, vendor will have to do an immediate
    replacement of same type of car without any additional charge.


  1. Notice Period: The monthly basis contract can be terminated by either party by giving 15 ( fifteen) days notice in advance but for any gross misconduct (i.e. drunk driving, breaking traffic rules, possession of illegal goods) either party can terminate the contract instantly.


  1. Mode of Payment: Payment will be made on monthly basis through A/C payee cheque in favor of the firm within 15 days of submission of the bill. Invoice, daily trip log sheet, tickets of toll/ parking etc have to be submitted with bill for the monthly basis rented vehicle.

      For Daily Basis rented car payment will be made through A/C payee cheque within 5 working days of submission of the bill. Invoice, trip log sheet, tickets of toll/ parking etc have to be submitted with the bill.


  1. VAT, Tax: VAT & Tax will be deducted at source as per Govt. rules.


  1. 12. Other Terms and Conditions:
  2. a) To keep all valid and update papers such as Registration certificate/ blue book, Driving license, Tax token, Fitness certificate, Insurance certificate and a first aid kit box in the vehicle;
  3. b) Provide sufficient fund with driver for CNG, instant repair, food and lodging of
    driver and other expenses with Driver.
  4. c) To keep vehicle neat and clean always.



  1. The work shall initially be granted for three months and may be renewed on three months

basis for rest of the year after review of the performance of the transport vendor.


  1. By signing this RFQ a bidder agrees to abide by it’s terms and conditions if granted the work.