Temple of Jai-Kali

Temple of Jai-Kali Dhaka

This temple is situated in Thathari-Bazar, and can be approached from Nawabpur Road by Folder Street which goes from the southern side of the Railway crossing [Not to be found now, since the railway track was laid through the eastern side of Karwan Bazar] towards Wari.
 This temple is about 200 to 250 years old. Really speaking, there are two temples inside a walled compound. One is a single- spired temple with profuse decoration in plaster on the spire. The top of the square cella is marked with a curved projected eve crowned with blind merlons. The other temple is of the pancharatana type (five spires on the top of a Bangla shaped building). The central spire is taller than those at the corners. The facade of the temple is relieved with tall rectangular panels. Inside, we have the image of Kali.


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