Jagannath Hall

Jagannath Hall Dhaka

This Jagannath Hall was started in 1921 at the very beginning of the University of Dhaka for the Hindu students. In 1943 Dhaka the buildings of the Hall were occupied by the military and the students were shifted to one wing of the Dhaka Hall. After the Independence the office of the Registrar, University of Dhaka, has been located in the south house of the hail, and the Assembly Hall was appropriated for the Provincial Legislative Assembly. In 1957 the Hindu students shifted from Dhaka Hall and lodged in the north house of the Hail. In August 1961 the Assembly Flail was also released. Today the south house has been opened again in sheds. It is hoped that in two to three years’ time Registrar’s office will be shifted to a new building and the Hall will have all its old places. Today nearly 250 students live in the north and south houses of the Jagannath Hall, which lie on either side of a tank. The north house has now a third storey. Dr. Govind Chandra Dev is the present provost of the Hall.

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