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Travelers’ city Dhaka

The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka city is also known as capital city of rickshaw. There are four hundred rickshaws roaming here in this Dhaka city every day, which is nowhere found in this world. Many people know it as a city of mosque. This is the one of the largest population density country in the world.

Dhaka became first capital city in 1610 BC. At that time it’s name was kept Jahangirnagor by the name of Mughal emperor Jahangir. Dhaka was not remaining capital for a long time after 1717 BC. Dhaka became capital of Bengal at the time of “Bangobhango” of British rule at 1905 but when the Bangobhango stayed the capital moved from Dhaka. After that it became capital of East Pakistan at 1947 and at the time of liberation war at 1971 it declared the capital of Bangladesh. History of keeping name of Dhaka city has many myths. Accordingly to some people its name came from the Dhakeshwari Temple. Again according to many people, when Jahangir declared it as the capital of Bengal, Subedar Islam Khan was very pleased and ordered to play drum (Dhak –in Bengali). This becomes a history to the people and they started to call Dhaka from Dhak. Now let’s see where you can travel or visit in Dhaka city. Khaled Rent a Car and Khaled Travel Agency will help you in this regards.

Khaled Rent a Car and Khaled Travel Agency have a long history like Dhaka city. We are working in this field from many years from our ancestors. Many more historical events and Bangladeshi incident happened in front of our eyes. We know well what is the visitors or travelers demand in tourism in Bangladesh.

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