Rent A Car For A Month

Are you thinking about Rent A Car For A Month? No more thinking, just call us, we will give you  a car, a micro bus, a van, or any other vehicles for a month.

Our some cars, covered van and micro bus  are already given awesome services to some companies in Dhaka city. We are willing to give you that kind of monthly rental service.

Rent A Car For A Month will be varied depends on car model, size and how will it be used by the clients. So we have a great opportunity to discuss. We can give you good conditioned cars, micro bus, covered van, truck and pickup for monthly at a cheaper rate.

Terms and Conditions
1. Offer valid for rentals of more than 30 days rental.
2. Offer valid for rentals in Bangladesh and outside and inside of Dhaka.
3. The fee does not includes fuel cost; 45,000 BDT at Dhaka but Unlimited mileage, Super Cover Insurance (no excess), without  road bridge tole, tax and VAT.
4. Rates do not include the charge for weekly holyday.
5. Offer doesn’t combined with other discounts or promotions.

6. Any time we are open to discuss for any monthly rate program.