Dhanmandi Group of Monuments

Dhanmandi Group of Monuments Dhaka
Beyond Azimpura is the Pilkhana, where formerly royal elephants were kept. Further away stretch the green fields, where once stood the important extension of Mughal Dhaka. Today here stand the modern buildings of Dhanmandi Residential Area. The whole area is crossed longitudinally by two roads, Mirpur Road and Satmasjid Road, linked in between by cross-streets numbered from one to twenty seven. A small circuitous lake divides the buildings facing the Mirpur Road from those on the Satmasjid Road. The New Market marks the beginning of these buildings.

Dara Begam’s Tomb
Mariam Saleha’s Mosque
Satgumbad Mosque
Sikher Mandir and Guru Nanak’s Well
The Great Idgah
Unknown Tombs Near Satgumbad Mosque

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