Khwaja Ambar’s Bridge

Khwaja Ambar’s Bridge Dhaka

The first monument that we meet on this road is Khwaja Ambar’s bridge, – a little before the locality called Karwan. Khwaja Ambar was the head eunuch of Nawab Shaista Khan, and lie built this bridge in A. D. 1680. [The bridge is now a thing of the past, retained only in memory, and only the nearby mosque remains in a much changed condition only to retain the memory of Khwaja Ambar. The high-rise buildings beside the mosque have practically robbed the mosque of its historical significance.]

 The bridge spans the Iskatan Khal, and originally consisted of a single four—centred pointed arch, with flanking cut-waters. In the recent widening of the Mymensingh Road this bridge has completely been replaced [now completely obliterated].

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