Ghulam Muhammad’s Gateway

Ghulam Muhammad’s Gateway Dhaka

Shaikh Ghulam Muhammad was the third son of Shaikh Ghulam Nabi, a famous zamindar in the time of Nawab Jasarat Khan. He was also an agent to the Portuguese factory at Dhaka. Both father and son are well known for their repair works to the Qadam Rasul Buiding at Nabigunj, opposite Narayangunj. Ghulam Muhammad, after the death of his father, purchased the Portuguese residence at Sangat Tola and erected his own house. The walls made of old jaffary bricks still recall the ancient character of this locality. From Lakshmibazar a lane (motorable) leads towards this old locality. A lofty, plastered brick gateway is the only structure left worth seeing. But it is now encumbered with modern buildings on its right and left. Fortunately, two old wooden door-leaves, showing crossed and square designs, are still found on the spot. The gateway is a two-storied structure, the upper storey having been remodelled in recent time. The lower opens through three successive cusped arches. Between the first and second arches is a small vestibule, and then comes the main gate-room, the roof of which is fiat and supported on wooden girders and rafters. In this building an attempt has been made to copy the designs of the Chota Katra Gate.

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