Mosque in Nava Rai Lane (Islampur)

Mosque in Nava Rai Lane (Islampur) Dhaka

The mosque is situated in Nava Rai Lane (formerly Prostitutes’ Quarter), which can be approached either from Islampur Road or from Tantibazar. It stands on a high plinth, where is also a well in one corner. The facade is panelled, each panel containing ogee arches. The central doorway has multi-cusped arch, while those of the side are trefoil. The parapet seems to be a new construction as the merlons are of a degenerate type. The interior has three mihrabs on the west, and is further decorated with panels. A new verandah has been added on the east. The builder’s name is not known. The style is of early 17th century, but the actual date of its erection cannot be given.


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