Ramna Group of Monuments

Ramna Group of Monuments Dhaka

In Mughal period Ramna area was divided into two mahallas, Chishtian and Shuja’tpur— the latter named after Shuja’t Khan, a famous military commander at the time of Islam Khan. Skirting these two mahallas to the north was the Kat-ghar. This area was almost deserted after the downfall of the Mughals, and it was strewn over with Muslim graves interspersed with jungle growth. In 1825 Race Course was built here and probably after that time the area became a usual place for stroll. In 1859 the area was known as “Rumna plains”. After the first partition of Bengal (1905) the jungle was cleared and many graves removed, and the present Ramna was built.

Tomb of Hazrat Chishti Beheshti (Islam Khan Chishti)     Tomb and Mosque of Haji Khwaja Shahbaz and Grave of Sher-e-Bangla   Musa Khan ki Masjid           Ramna Kalibari         The Sikh Temple at Shujatpur                      Dhakeshwari Temple

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