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Artist Creates These Funny And Weird Comics To Cope With Getting Older (30 Pics)

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Comic artist, Dogmo, creates funny, relatable, and weird comics making fun of today’s social issues, especially the overuse of smartphones and the things people post on social media.
He told Bored Panda: “To put it succinctly, I make these comics as a way to cope with growing older (I just turned 30), and to have a creative outlet in a world of 40-hour workweeks, and unending societal obligations.”
Hopefully, you will enjoy his humorous and sometimes dark comics.More info: Instagram | | Facebook#1Image credits: dogmodog#2Image credits: dogmodogThe artist who lives in Seattle, Washington started drawing comics about a year ago out of boredom. “I scoured my old doodles (mostly drawn during class lectures) for comic ideas at first,” said Dogmo. When asked how he comes up with ideas for new comics, he said: “I often come up with them as I’m sketching – sometimes I’ll just draw the first panel, and try to come up with a joke afterwards.”#3Image credits: dogmodog#4Image credits: dogmodog#5Image credits: dogmodog“My art style is based on simple characters that are easy to draw and not off-putting. The colors were meant to help readers identify and recognize my work, but I don’t know how well that’s worked out,” said the artist. Dogmodog’s drawing style is clean and simple, but his humor is most certainly not. Dark or black humor is described as a humorous way of looking at or treating something that is serious or sad. It isn’t for everybody as one can get offended, but some people find it quite entertaining. He creates comics with dark twists, but still somehow manages to keep it relatable. “I get a lot of comments that my characters look like ghosts!” – said the artist, whose comics take an average of 3 hours to complete, including the initial sketch and digital finalizing.#6Image credits: dogmodog#7Image credits: dogmodog#8Image credits: dogmodogHis comics are about social media, internet security, weird and silly social interactions. The artist pokes fun at smokers and also investigates the secret life of inanimate objects. He also draws weird thoughts that we all get sometimes and comedic situations that are strangely relatable. “When I started off, I made 2 rules for myself: (1) each comic should at least TRY to be funny, and (2) No meta or autobiographical comics.”#9Image credits: dogmodog#10Image credits: dogmodog#11Image credits: dogmodogThe author mentions that he started creating again because he was getting older, perhaps it’s because of the quarter-life crisis. Everyone’s heard about the mid-life crisis, but the quarter-life crisis is less known but just as important. An official definition of the term is a crisis that may be experienced in one’s twenties, involving anxiety over the direction and quality of one’s life. Unfortunately, many people experience such a period in their life when they lose direction and don’t know where their life is going, it’s important in those times to find some sort of hobby or something that keeps your mind away from negative thoughts.#12Image credits: dogmodog#13Image credits: dogmodog#14Image credits: dogmodogHere are some statistics based on the research carried out by First Direct bank and psychologist Dr. Oliver Robinson. “Nearly 60% of 25 to 30-year-olds report financial difficulties are the main cause of a crisis, 31% say being in a wrong relationship lacking in romance can cause a crisis, 40% of millennials in a crisis blame this on their current living situation, that could be renting or living with parents”. As you can see a high percentage of young people report having experienced a quarter-life crisis themselves.#15Image credits: dogmodog#16Image credits: dogmodog#17Image credits: dogmodogThe artist also says that it’s hard to live in a world where you need to work 40 hours a week and have to be socially presentable almost all the time. Not to mention, have a bunch of responsibilities! These comics are a helpful creative outlet for him and help him combat boredom. Probably, a lot of people can relate to this. It’s hard to be part of society sometimes, but our hobbies and time spent to ourselves help us survive the responsibilities we have.#18Image credits: dogmodog#19Image credits: dogmodog#20Image credits: dogmodog#21Image credits: dogmodog#22Image credits: dogmodog#23Image credits: dogmodog#24Image credits: dogmodog#25Image credits: dogmodog#26Image credits: dogmodog#27Image credits: dogmodog#28Image credits: dogmodog#29Image credits: dogmodog#30Image credits: dogmodog

The World’s First Bee Influencer Is Trying To Raise Funds To Save Her Species

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The modern world is constantly changing and these changes not only affect nature but are also cruel to many animal species. Industrial agriculture, parasites/pathogens, climate change, and many more factors cause species to face decline and sometimes even extinction. One of the species that recently raised public awareness for its decline is bees. However, while it’s important to address these problems seriously and take urgent action to help the species, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring!
Therefore, without further ado, we introduce you to the first bee influencer called B who raises money to save bees, many of which disappear every year. The latest “Instafamous” social media star has more than 122k followers and still growing on her Instagram account. It’s actually a CGI honey-bee and the humans behind this funny account are Foundation de France (FDF), a leading philanthropy network established by the French government in an effort to save the bees. Their charity Bee Fund seeks to fund actions that will help to save the declining bee population. “In France, more than 30% of bee colonies disappear each year,” reads the Bee Fund site. “Protecting the bee is also protecting the human.”
B aims to save the world by generating ad revenue via social media and then donating everything to the Bee Fund charity. That means that the more followers they have, the easier for them it is to reach their goal. B’s Instagram is actually very similar to those glamorous Instagram influencers: pitch-perfect shots in beautiful settings, stretching morning yoga poses in nature, replying to her followers from her bathtub, showing off perfect legs, enjoying wonderful sunsets in Montmartre, etc., so it’s worth following!More info: Instagram |″Yo guys! So, name a thing you love.Chocolate? I make it.Ice-cream? I make it. Coffee? Always me.Broccoli? Me again.Clothes? Still me. We are behind most of the things you use everyday! And 24% of bees are dying every year.This is bad for us, but terrible for you as well dear humans… Are you ready for a world without chocolate?”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#2″Je vois la vie en rose. Maybe I should think about painting my hive in pink.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#3″I love to read and reply to your comments on my posts from my bathtube! Ask me questions in the comments: I will answer to EVERYONE! (As long as water stays warm)”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#4″It is essential to save the planet… And the bees too! Both are threatened and trust me, it would be terrible to live without bees. Thanks a lot for demonstrating today, it was really nice to see you all and let’s keep up the fight!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#5″I am so happy to work on my next partnerships and I can’t wait to share it with you!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#6″I spend so much time in my bathroom every morning… Ladies what is your morning routine?”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#7″Sisters before misters!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#8″Afternoon at the Sacré-Coeur! Where should I go for my next painting?”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#9″I might not be in a museum, but I’m Mother Nature’s masterpiece.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#10″On my way to the Montmartre’s 2019 grape harvest festival! Did you know that without bees there would be no wine? We pollinate plants and flowers that are essential for vineyards’ health.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#11″Like Britney Spears would put it… Oops I did it again! I spent the whole weekend beenge-watching my favorite TV series. Now I’m looking for new ones!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#12″What a better place than your bed when it is rainy outside. Even though it’s very important for nature, I’m not very much into rain because it frizzes my hair!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#13″Fighting for bees’ preservation everyday is not easy … But yoga helps me to remain zen.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#14″Are you ready for the Pride, Paris?? I can’t wait to march with you.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#15″When the dj says “put your hands up” and you have four.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#16″Watering my little plants! Tips for humans: always keep flowers on your balconies, we might stop by to say hi.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#17″Great game with my friends today! (Haha just kidding I went there just to take pictures for my Instagram.)”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#18″Power naps are great.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#19″Heading into the weekend like..”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#20″Check out that side bee…”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#21″My tan lines will fade but my followers will last forever.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#22″I love my #hotdoglegs. Some say hairy, I say fluffy.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#23″Follow me to… save the bees!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#24″I’m not like Pablo, but I try to do my best…”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#25″Trying to get a little tan before going back to work.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#26″Strike a pose in front of the Palais-Royal like a real queen.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#27″Finally back home and working late today but it’s worth it.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#28″If you love to eat, you have to celebrate World Food Day! My sisters and I are behind most of the food you eat everyday. Are you wondering which ones?”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#29″Today I visited @FondationdeFrance, together we are working on my upcoming partnerships. From this flower of their balcony, I feel more than motivated and thanks to you all, we will save the bees.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#30″Bring me back there, with more sea and less heat! How are you guys facing the heat wave?”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#31″So guys, this happened much sooner than expected thanks to you! Thanks @Ricola_fr for inviting me at your place in Switzerland. I discovered how you grow your plants in harmony with nature in a bee-friendly way and that you are working with local family farmers who are also taking care of my Swiss sisters!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#32″Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#33″Last day of vacay…”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#34″Sometimes you need a day off.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#35″Hey guys! I’m B, and my dream is to become the most followed influencer out there. Because the more you follow me, the more money we can raise to save bees. My sisters and I are disappearing… but together we can change things!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#36″I have only one flaw… (LOL) I don’t know how to swim!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#37″My favorite artists? The @BeeGees and Beethoven.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#38″Swinging back into work after the weekend! The more flowers we find on our way the better for us: plant organic and pesticides free flower seeds everywhere you can and spread the love!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#39″You don’t get the bee side you want by sitting on it. “Image credits: bee_nfluencer#40″As @badgalriri says: « Work work work work… “Image credits: bee_nfluencer#41″Just arrived in Mallorca for a few days of holidays. This place is even better than what I thought! Can I stay here forever?”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#42″My favorite food spot in Paris? Definitely the Buttes-Chaumont.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#43″Flying to the fashion week with my only style, black and yellow forever. I hope that all the fashion industry will shift to a more sustainable model soon!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#44″Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#45″Who said saving the bees has to be boring?”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#46″Me on the dancefloor last night!”Image credits: bee_nfluencer#47″This is me in a few years…If bees still exist by then.”Image credits: bee_nfluencer

Brazilian Dentist Travels To Treat The Teeth Of Poor People For Free And Here Are 30 Transformations

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Everybody can be an everyday superhero, no matter their profession. The perfect example that illustrates that this adage is practical, not just theoretical, is Brazilian dentist Felipe Rossi. He founded the NGO Por1sorriso and travels the world, bringing back smiles to some of the poorest people on the planet. He and his colleagues fix low-income individuals’ teeth for free.
We’ve collected some of the inspiring and beautiful photos showing how people looked before Rossi reached out to help them, and how they looked afterward. The pictures show just how much dentists can help restore people’s confidence and give them hope to live their lives and aim higher.
Get ready to smile. A lot. Upvote the photos that left an impression on you and leave a comment telling us what you think of Rossi’s incredible charity. And if any of you Pandas are on the fence about becoming dentists, we hope that this post helps you decide that it’s a worthwhile calling.
More info: Instagram (Felipe Rossi) | Instagram (Por1sorisso) | | YouTube (Por1sorisso)

#1Image credits: drfeliperossi#2Image credits: drfeliperossi#3Image credits: drfeliperossi38-year-old Rossi is an aesthetic dentist who, in 2016, founded the Por1sorriso NGO, and also became its Director of Fundraising. The well-known doctor, like most people, wants to spread goodness to his loved ones, his community, his country, as well as the planet. And his desire to do good has already had a large positive impact in low-income communities not only in Brazil, but also Kenya, Mozambique, and elsewhere.Rossi’s philosophy is to help those who don’t have the means to get help themselves. That’s why he doesn’t charge the people that he helps. “This assistance is very different from projects where people simply get toothbrushes and toothpaste,” the dentist wrote on his Instagram account.#4Image credits: drfeliperossi#5Image credits: drfeliperossi#6Image credits: drfeliperossiAccording to R7, there are over 4,000 volunteers registered in the NGO’s database. The reality, however, is much different. “There are costs that people have to bear and, with that, many people end up giving up on the action,” Rossi explained that wanting to help and actually helping are two very different things. He also mentioned that on missions he and his team usually transport around two tons of equipment.#7Image credits: drfeliperossi#8Image credits: drfeliperossi#9Image credits: drfeliperossiGood oral health is more important than you’d think. It’s one of the things that can help you lead a healthy life or make you be prone to constant illness. But let’s say that you were in a helicopter crash and there’s some evil force after you: how would you go about taking care of your gleaming pearls when you’re lost in the middle of nowhere, without a dentist (let alone a toothbrush) in sight?Well, Know Prepare Survive suggests that oral hygiene is important in the wilderness and you can keep your mouth, teeth, and tongue clean using a willow brush. Just cut off the end of a branch and use it as a toothbrush. The sap will eliminate tartar and stop it building up near your gum line, thus preventing cavities. Being in a life-or-death situation is not an excuse to stop brushing your teeth.#10Image credits: drfeliperossi#11Image credits: drfeliperossi#12Image credits: drfeliperossi#13Image credits: drfeliperossi#14Image credits: drfeliperossi#15Image credits: drfeliperossi#16Image credits: drfeliperossi#17Image credits: drfeliperossi#18Image credits: drfeliperossi#19Image credits: drfeliperossi#20Image credits: drfeliperossi#21Image credits: drfeliperossi#22Image credits: drfeliperossi#23Image credits: drfeliperossi#24Image credits: drfeliperossi#25Image credits: drfeliperossi#26Image credits: drfeliperossi#27Image credits: drfeliperossi#28Image credits: drfeliperossi#29Image credits: drfeliperossi#30Image credits: drfeliperossi

30 Pics Of Finnish Cats Living Their Best Winter Life

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The chonkier the cat, the more of it there is to hug and love. Four cats who are some of the cutest megafloofs we’ve ever seen are Sämpy and its furry friends Hiskias Hääppönen, Elmeri, and Nelli, all from Northern Finland.
To bring a smile to your face, brighten up your day, and give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning, we’ve compiled the chonkiest, floofiest, and most wholesome pictures of Sämpy and its pals. If you’re up for it, share this list with anyone whom you think is in need of some catto goodness. Remember to upvote your fave Finnish cat photos and scroll down.
We’d love to hug one of these cats and never let go, what with the weather getting chilly and all. What about you, dear Readers? Would you like to have a chonky cat like in these pictures? Perhaps you already own one, in which case, what can you tell us about their character and how to raise them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and check out Bored Panda’s previous posts about cats here (Curious Zelda), here (Bocco and Zuu), as well as here (cats bond with humans just like dogs and babies).
In an interview with Bored Panda, Riikka Hedman, the owner of Sämpy and the other cats, gave us insights into these majestic animals, their ‘careers’ in publishing, as well how Sämpy became a beloved icon on the internet. Make sure to scroll down for the full interview!
More info: Instagram | Facebook | Photo Book#1Image credits: sampycat#2Image credits: sampycat#3Image credits: sampycat“Sämpy is a 6-year-old domestic cat and isn’t a special breed, although he looks like a Norwegian Forest cat. Elmeri, the gray cat, is 11 and he is also domestic cat. Hiski, the biggest tabby without white paws, is a half-Norwegian Forest cat and is 2 years old. They all are neutered male cats. On my sites, there are also pictures of a gray-white cat, Nelli, but she passed away earlier this year,” Riikka explained about her cats.She continued to say that Sämpy adores outdoor activities when the weather isn’t too cold. “He is so happy when he goes with me on a small trip to the old forest near our house. There is a small river there, as well as many other exciting places, and interesting scents. Elmeri and Hiski prefers to stay in the yard, at home, but sometimes they come along for a walk. My cats jump over obstacles I build in the back yard for them, especially in the winter. It is easier to demarcate the jumping area when there is a lot of snow.”#4Image credits: sampycat#5Image credits: sampycat#6Image credits: sampycatRiikka shared the fact that she won the 2014 Photographer of the Year title in a Finnish photography magazine’s competition. The prize? A ‘super-fast’ camera. Riikka was overjoyed. “I was practicing shooting with my new camera and got a great jump shot of Sämpy. I sent the picture to a local newspaper and it became so popular that a journalist was sent to make an article about the cat. When the article came out I got a lot of wishes that the cat would have his own Facebook page. After Facebook, I created an Instagram account for Sämpy.”Sämpy’s owner mused that the popularity of the social media accounts is most likely linked to the fact that she usually photographs her cats outdoors, ‘in beautiful surroundings, in funny situations, and without forcing them’ to do anything: “I think that in a good cat picture the cat needs to be natural and do its own cat things.”#7Image credits: sampycat#8Image credits: sampycat#9Image credits: sampycatThere are a total of two books about Sämpy. The first one was published in 2016 and is called ‘Kissan vuosi’ (‘Cat Year’). “Then the publisher contacted me and asked for a photo book about Sämpy and of course I agreed.” The new book came out just last week. Sämpy and Riikka have together also published calendars for three years.“It’s not that easy to pick pictures for a book, but luckily there are professionals at the publishing house. I also wrote some text, but the books are mostly picture books. In the captions, I use the local dialect, which has also been a much lauded. I do not have any specific plans for the future, but proposals are certainly welcome. If anyone wants to make Sämpy a character in an animated movie, a wallpaper, or a key chain, it is all fine, as long the cat doesn’t have to leave his home himself. Sämpy hates travelling,” Riikka pointed out.#10Image credits: sampycat#11Image credits: sampycat#12Image credits: sampycatSämpy & Co. have captured the hearts of many internet users, most of them in Finland, but plenty of them spread all around the world as well. The cat has over 104,000 followers on Instagram and another 43,000 fans on Facebook. They’re all waiting for the newest photos featuring Sämpy, as well as his friends Hiskias, Elmeri, and Nelli. The latter is didn’t play much with the other cats and she also hated the cold weather, which is somewhat ironic because she lived in Northern Finland.In a previous interview with a Finnish blogger, more was revealed about Sämpy. According to the journalist, Sämpy answered the questions itself. “I live in the north of Oulu, in the village of Kalime,” the cat told the Finnish blogger.“My favorite hobby is hunting. I hunt mice and moles. I’d also like to catch birds, but they are too fast. I also like meeting with my Secretary of Forest Trips and playing with my cat friend Elmeri,” Sämpy the floofy and chonky cat explained. “Every day, I eat dry food and wet food; meat and salmon every now and then. Best of all is butter, that’s my biggest delicacy. Sometimes, I get a small dollop of butter. Aaaaah. And yes, I hear when the butter box is being opened.”Sämpy continued about his owner (or ‘secretary’ as it refers to her): “The secretary is my servant and maid. All the time she is pointing her camera at me. In the morning, she usually will go somewhere, of course, she makes breakfast for us cats before she leaves.I like to sleep outside, even in the middle of the grass if the weather is good. Inside, I lay on the sofa and sometimes on top of the refrigerator. Sometimes, I sleep in the sauna, whenever it’s not too hot. In the summer, I’m the boss. I’ll give orders to the other cats and mice of the neighborhood,” Sämpy revealed.#13Image credits: sampycat#14Image credits: sampycat#15Image credits: sampycat#16Image credits: sampycat#17Image credits: sampycat#18Image credits: sampycat#19Image credits: sampycat#20Image credits: sampycat#21Image credits: sampycat#22Image credits: sampycat#23Image credits: sampycat#24Image credits: sampycat#25Image credits: sampycat#26Image credits: sampycat#27Image credits: sampycat#28Image credits: sampycat#29Image credits: sampycat#30Image credits: sampycat

Guy Knits Sweaters Of Places And Then Goes To Those Places While Wearing Them (30 New Pics)

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It can be fun to collect little reminders of a visit to a famous tourist attraction or place. You can usually find them in those ubiquitous little shops and stalls that begin to appear as you approach the landmark – the ones hawking kooky fridge magnets, hand-crafted wooden statues, keyrings, mugs and the“I

NASA Just Posted A Photo That Shows Halloween Is Celebrated Outside Earth As Well

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Science is awesome. Period. Not only has science pushed (and continues to do so) humanity forward to achieve new heights, but it has also become its key to unraveling the secrets of the universe.
NASA—the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or more conventionally speaking, the people who explore space and show us cool stuff about it—has recently posted a picture of the Sun on their official social media accounts. However, this is no ordinary glimpse into the giant ball of fire in the sky, no.
Nasa’s recent post of the Sun is oddly reminiscent of an evil jack o’lantern

Image credits: NASA/SDO / Pixabay
NASA shared a photograph that its Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) had captured back on October 8, 2014. It shows the active regions of the Sun combined to look like a traditional jack-o-lantern face. Very fitting as Halloween is right around the corner!
The photo caption read: “Even our star celebrates the spooky season—in 2014, active regions on the Sun created this jack-o’-lantern face, as seen in ultraviolet light by our Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite.”

The SDO is an ongoing NASA mission launched in 2010 as part of the Living With A Star program. It aims to form a scientific understanding of how the Sun-Earth system affects life and society on the planet.
NASA explained that the brighter parts of the Sun are the more active regions that emit more light and energy. They are the signs of intense magnetic fields that drift in the Sun’s atmosphere.
Wavelengths are often colorized using yellow & gold, giving the Sun a creepy Halloween look

Image credits: NASA/SDO
The picture is a combination of two sets of extreme ultraviolet wavelengths, namely 171 and 193 Ångströms (units of length). These wavelengths are colorized in gold and yellow, which in turn gives the image a creepy Halloween pumpkin look.
However, this isn’t the first time NASA has found something in space that reminds them of worldly objects. In 2004, the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) captured a heart-shaped mesa on Mars and in January of this year, the Long-Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) snapped a picture of Ultima Thule, a trans-Neptunian object located in the Kuiper belt, which looks like a snowman.
Earlier this year, LORRI snapped a picture of Ultima Thule, which looks like a snowman

Image credits: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute
In 2004, NASA found a heart-shaped mesa on Mars

Image credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS
The internet is full of people who adore science and Halloween, so here’s how they reacted…

YouTuber, MrBeast, Pledges To Plant 20M Trees With The Help Of 600 Other YouTubers

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As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If you want to see the world change, you have to start with yourself.” And all the while, just as he must have had some small changes that would later catalyze some bigger change, some people just have to go big or go home. YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, more commonly known by his online alias, MrBeast, is certainly not one of the latter. After so many people all over social media urged him to celebrate getting 20 million subscribers on YouTube by planting a symbolic 20 million trees, he couldn’t say no and took up the challenge.
After hitting 20 million subs on YouTube, MrBeast was urged by people on various social media platforms to plant 20mln trees in celebration

Image credits: Mr Beast
After getting spammed on Twitter, Reddit and all over the comment section on his YouTube videos, MrBeast decided it was time to step up and just roll with the incredible idea of celebrating hitting 20 million subscribers on his channel by planting 20 million trees.
With a handful of friends, he managed to plant 300 trees on the first day

Image credits: Mr Beast
As it seems like a pretty difficult task for one person, he teamed up with 600 YouTubers with an impressive 650 million subscribers collectively. He felt the need to add that “we all realize 20 million trees won’t fix climate change. But at the end of the day 20 million more trees is better than 0! We want to take action because doing nothing is how we got here!”
He called out to his subscribers as well and managed to raise the number of planted trees up to 1,700 the next day

Image credits: Mr Beast
He partnered up with great creative minds such as Rhett & Link, Marshmello, AsapScience, Jeffree Star, Simone Giertz, The Try Guys and Mark Rober. Some of them brought their own twists to the idea and went on to search for the most efficient ways to plant such a huge amount of trees.
After realizing he’d need much more than that to achieve his goal, MrBeast partnered up with Arbor Day Foundation

Image credits: Mr Beast
Mark Rober, being the brilliant inventor and engineer that he is, tried planting trees using a massive drone and Linus from Linus Tech Tips completely stepped out of the box and built an actual tree-planting bazooka!
The foundation will plant a tree for every dollar donated

Image credits: Mr Beast
But the YouTuber community wasn’t the only one that MrBeast turned to. He urged his fans and followers to join him on this beautiful mission to help climate change by planting trees. He also teamed up with Arbor Day Foundation who will plant a tree for every dollar donated. They state that most of the trees planted will be native to a variety of state and national forests managed by government agencies.
All the revenue from this post will go to Arbor Day Foundation, so every share helps spread the word and plant more trees!
You can watch MrBeast’s video here

He also had other YouTubers jump in to help him

And while most people on the Internet fell in love with the idea, some had opposing views as well

The Japanese Take Halloween To A New Level By Celebrating It With “Every-Day Situation” Costumes (28 Pics)

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to dress up for an office Halloween party, but really hate the idea of spending the whole day dressed in a flamboyant and uncomfortable costume?  Well, the Japanese have found a solution to this awkward situation. In 2014, they started a subculture called Jimi Halloween (地味ハロウィン) which roughly translates to “mundane Halloween.” The idea behind it is as mundane as it sounds—people dress up in a costume that tells a boring story and involves plain and regular clothes.The whole thing was started by a small group of adults at Daily Portal Z who “kind of wanted to participate in the festivities of Halloween, but were too embarrassed to go all out in witch or zombie costumes.” Over the years, this tradition gained popularity and grew into a big event with hundreds of attendees who gather to party and explain their costumes to each other. Scroll below for the best boring costumes and get inspired for your next Halloween outfit!More info: | Person Who Face-Swapped Their Photo With A Starbucks Cup#2 A Person Who Discovered A Cockroach Just Before Going To Bed But Lost It While Looking For Something That Could Be A Weapon#3 Camera Assistant For Children’s Photo Studio#4 Person Whose Glasses Fogged Up From A Hot Drink#5 Banksy Turning On The Shredder With A Remote#6 A Person Who Forgot To Take Out The Trash#7 A Person Who Got A Shopping Cart But Picked Up Less Items Than Expected#8 People In E-Sports Group Photos#9 People Who Came To The Work Site From The Head Office#10 Zoo Worker Lining Up Baby Pandas#11 Person Who Wiped Their Hands On Their Clothes After Washing Their Hands#12 A Person Waken Up By Amazon Delivery#13 Person Who Cleans Escalator Railings#14 Person Who Won 5th Prize At The Company Bingo#15 A Woman Who Came To The Barbecue With No Intention Of Helping#16 A Person Whose Heart Is Dead On A Holiday#17 Naturally Oriented Woman Who Is Too Organic And Malnourished#18 A Person Who Regrets Not Getting A Shopping Cart While Waiting At The Cash Register#19 Beauty Youtuber Reviewing All New Lipstick Colors#20 A Person In The Middle Of Making Glasses#21 Person Mistaken For A Store Clerk At The Optician#22 Ink Stain#23 Professional Gamer (Korea)#24 A Person Who Is About To Win In “Old Maid”#25 A Store Manager In Training#26 Story-Telling Volunteer#27 People Who Only Have Nike Shoes#28 Person Who Came To Repair A PC

Woman Urges Moms Not To Fall For ‘Instagram Perfect Moms’ After Witnessing How These Photos Were Taken

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Deep down, we know that what we see on our social media feeds rarely reflects reality – we are only seeing the best, most interesting, funniest and most beautiful aspects of other people’s lives. Yet we are human, and the weight of comparison, constantly reinforced every time we open Instagram or Facebook, can become unbearably heavy over time if we somehow lose sight of this critical self-awareness.
An occasional reality check is therefore very welcome! Especially for young moms who might be feeling the pressure to balance their busy, often stressful lives whilst still finding the energy to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and present an eternally happy image of themselves out to the world.
Enter Jen Flint, a Creator, Artist and Mother-of-six from Utah. Her short story about a very modern encounter at the local swimming pool resonated with hundreds of thousands of people, by highlighting the sad contrast between what people want others to see and the actual reality behind the pics.

Speaking to Bored Panda, Jen wanted to ensure that the intent of her post was not to shame the young momma at the pool. “I’m sure she had reasons for her behavior, those reasons weren’t the intent of my post though,” she told us. “No judgment on her at all.”
“The main intention of my post was to help mothers (but really it applies to fathers and teens as well) to realize that what they see on social media isn’t always real and when they scroll through perfectly staged photos of women who are better fit, on exotic vacations, wearing expensive clothes and living in spotless homes, that they need to remember not to compare themselves to what they see.”
The reaction to Jen’s post has been overwhelmingly positive, being shared over 140k times on Facebook and starting plenty of conversations about mental health, self-esteem and positive thinking. People have contacted Jen with their own stories and experiences, and we all got that little reality check we need from time to time.
“We are enough, just how we are,” Jen says. “Remember that YOU at home with your kids or YOU at work supporting your family or YOU with the spotless house or YOU with the small apartment or YOU with an extra 30 lbs of weight that’s you’d rather not have, YOU are enough. Don’t compare yourself or your situation to anyone else’s.”
“Comparison is the thief of joy, y’all!”
Here’s what people had to say about the eye-opening story

This Funny Cat Named Zelda Takes Over Twitter With Her Funny Posts (45 New Pics)

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We love cats, especially when they have an adorably goofy look on their face and make us laugh with their antics. Curious Zelda the cat is a phenomenon on the internet. All because of two things: the permanently surprised look on her face, as well as the amusing and witty tweets its owner posts on the internet, alongside photos and videos of the feline.
We’d love to brighten up your day and make you feel all warm and fuzzy for the week to come, so we’ve collected some of the very best Curious Zelda tweets. Scroll down, peruse (or rather purruse) the list of tweets, and upvote the ones you enjoyed.
If you know of anyone whose week needs improving, why not send them a link and let Zelda do the rest? And did you know that Curious Zelda has a book and an audiobook as well? Be sure to drop us a comment about what you think of the cat and have a look through Bored Panda’s previous list about the perpetually surprised-looking cat here.
Bored Panda reached out to Curious Zelda’s owner to talk about the cat, to learn what it’s everyday life is like, as well as to find out what the inspiration behind making Zelda’s social media accounts was.
“Zelda’s amazing facial expressions and puzzling behavior. She is interested in everything, finding so much to do in such little space. I always wanted to do something creative (although I didn’t realize it would be cat poetry),” Zelda’s owner told us. Scroll down for the full meowtastic interview.
More info: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram#1Image credits: CuriousZelda#2Image credits: CuriousZelda#3Image credits: CuriousZelda“The biggest challenge is getting clear photos of her — she moves around a lot! My camera roll is 99 percent Zelda and I’m happy about this,” her owner revealed the challenges behind taking such fun photos.According to the owner, Zelda is either 8 or 9 years old because the animal shelter wasn’t sure of her age when she was rescued. “Zelda eats everything – she’s a scavenger and regularly steals stuff from the food bin. We rarely see bugs indoors because she eats them all, and she’s amazing at catching houseflies. She frequently stalks us around the house. She knows how to play hide and seek, sand can also catch a ping pong ball.”#4Image credits: CuriousZelda#5Image credits: CuriousZelda#6Image credits: CuriousZelda“I guess it’s her resting startled face! She’s very cute and innocent, which suits her existential humor,” Zelda’s owner explained why so many people are fans of the feline. “We enjoyed writing the first book together — I’ll gladly go ahead with a second if Zelda’s not too busy! Whatever happens, I’m really enjoying the experience, and spending a lot of time with my cat!”Curious Zelda’s owner encouraged everyone to adopt cats to “make everyone’s lives better.”#7Image credits: CuriousZelda#8Image credits: CuriousZelda#9Image credits: CuriousZeldaMore than 151,200 cat-lovers follow Zelda’s adventures on Twitter, eagerly awaiting the next photo, limerick, or goofy quote. What’s more, over 26,200 Facebook users are fans of the cat as well, while nearly 65,000 Instagram users keep up to date with Zelda’s daily posts.In her book, Zelda presents her unique worldview and shares her wisdom on how to live life. Among other things, she gives advice on dating, cooking, living with human beings, as well as traveling. We like to believe that Zelda typed up the book with her itty-bitty paws (all the while staring at the computer screen with its amusing look). But odds are that her owner may have helped her write the book.#10Image credits: CuriousZelda#11Image credits: CuriousZelda#12Image credits: CuriousZeldaAccording to The New York Times, cats are much more popular on the internet than dogs and more people will click on posts about cattos than those about doggos. Some of this may have to do with the fact that felines are “solitary, asocial hypercarnivores” who want only one thing and that is to eat meat.The New York Times argues that because cats are solitary creatures, they are ‘self-contained’ and looking at them through a TV, computer, or phone screen is much the same as admiring one in the wild (i.e. your living room). Meanwhile, dogs are different: they are extremely social and mirror our emotions, which is why it’s much more satisfying playing with a doggo in real life than looking at photos or videos of one online.#13Image credits: CuriousZelda#14Image credits: CuriousZelda#15Image credits: CuriousZelda#16Image credits: CuriousZelda#17Image credits: CuriousZelda#18Image credits: CuriousZelda#19Image credits: CuriousZelda#20Image credits: CuriousZelda#21Image credits: CuriousZelda#22Image credits: CuriousZelda#23Image credits: CuriousZelda#24Image credits: CuriousZelda#25Image credits: CuriousZelda#26Image credits: CuriousZelda#27Image credits: CuriousZelda#28Image credits: CuriousZelda#29Image credits: CuriousZelda#30Image credits: CuriousZelda#31Image credits: CuriousZelda#32Image credits: CuriousZelda#33Image credits: CuriousZelda#34Image credits: CuriousZelda#35Image credits: CuriousZelda#36Image credits: CuriousZelda#37Image credits: CuriousZelda#38Image credits: CuriousZelda#39Image credits: CuriousZelda#40Image credits: CuriousZelda#41Image credits: CuriousZelda#42Image credits: CuriousZelda#43Image credits: CuriousZelda#44Image credits: CuriousZelda#45Image credits: CuriousZelda

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