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I Spent 1 Year Creating A Sculpture That Works With Electrical Current Which Helps Corals Grow 3-5 Times Faster (13 Pics)

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I created The Fight for the Last of Life over the course of a year, and after quite a lot of literal blood and sweat, I couldn’t be happier to see it resting on the seafloor where it belongs.
I would’ve liked to have completed it more quickly, but I can only work on these projects in the little spare time I have outside of teaching reef conservation biology to the students who join us from all over, through our non-profit Conservation Diver.
With the help of my colleague Bob, and electrical engineer from Holland, we’ve run a low impressed current through this sculpture, turning it into a Cathode through seawater electrolysis. This process encourages coral growth and enhances the survivability of these threatened organisms, with scientific studies suggesting corals can grow 3-5 times more rapidly through this technique by contrast to natural conditions.
More info:
The Fight for the Last of Life – finally in place

This cup will soon be restored by our team at Conservation Diver with a genetically diverse feedstock of opportunistic coral fragments (nothing broken or physically damaged by hand). The Cup of Life, will be growing a beautiful endangered Acropora coral up and out of it, that the other sculptures are reaching out for to steal for their own ends.
Everything starts small. Here I was beginning work on that very first sculpture

This concept was one I’ve been dreaming about creating for the last 3 years since my mentor and colleague Chad Scott was diagnosed with Leukemia (AML specifically). He is an inspiration to everyone he ever met, and his diagnosis sent me spiraling into a dark depression. Watching a man in his early 30s, one with so much incredible potential (which he still retains to this day), shattered my belief in “good things come to good people”. His entire life he had to fight for everything he ever did, and as a reef conservation biologist was constantly struggling against others who seek to take credit for his work, profiteer off it, or bastardize it in some way shape or form. Months after his diagnosis, I drew up a concept sketch, of him reaching towards the surface, with hands reaching up and out of the sculpture, attempting to grab onto him, to either hold him back or have them take him with them.
“I Am Iron man!”

Fast-forward several months, cuts, arc-eye and mosquito bites. Worth it!

More than 3 years later, the concept evolved a great deal. The cup held by the central sculpture will have a coral planted into it, embodying the proverbial cup of life. The sculpture’s face is broken, as are their hands, a reference to our rapidly decaying humanity and environment. The other two sculptures reaching out for him, instead of faces, are masked. These sculptures are those that would seek to take the work of those conservationists who fight sincerely for the betterment of the planet. They seek to use that work to their own end as a form of greenwashing, a practice so common in today’s world that it has made skeptics of all of us.
Ready to be taken out on a longtail, I’m seen here grinning like an idiot

One last kiss before you go down

Perhaps the kiss lingered too long. The sculptures then got a little handsy

The sculptures weren’t physically welded to the base frame. I don’t have a lot of money, so I needed to be able to deploy these sculptures from a small vessel without the help of a crane. Everything needed to be lifted by hand and then freedived down to 35 feet to the seafloor.

The sculptures were put into their correct positions, and I bolted them onto the base from using U-Bolts and reinforced steel hose clamps.
Is your glass half empty, or half full?

I really love the soldering that I did to connect the Cup of Life to the rest of the sculpture’s rebar skeleton, so the electrical current would carry through to it and allow it to accrete minerals.

With the low impressed electrical current running through it, here you can see the effect of the calcium carbonate crust reinforcing the sculpture’s bars. This beautiful white crust is the same material that corals use to build their skeleton and is what makes them grow so much quicker on this sculpture than under natural conditions!

If you doubt the power of CoralAid and mineral accretion technology (electrifying reefs), this is the rest of the site only a year and a half after it was deployed. Just look at that beautiful coral growth in an area that was once entirely sand.
In closing, I’d like to say thank you, Chad Scott. You’re a friend, my mentor, and a hero.

My Daughter Researched That A Sphynx Is The Best Cat For Our Family And Although I Was Hesitant At First, She Was Right

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Rosie, Poppy, and Ollie have truly changed my family’s entire life, and we are beyond thankful for them.
Rosie’s story starts about 3 years ago when my oldest daughter (who was 9 at the time) had been asking for a cat to join our family. Our family cat (a tuxedo rescue girl) of 15 years had passed away earlier in the year, and she had been asking pretty frequently since then. My daughter had been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder when she was younger, and it affects all aspects of her life daily. Around the time she was 7, we rescued an older golden retriever (Lucy), and we thought that would help her with her daily struggles. Lucy is like a ball of sunshine in all of our lives, but she wasn’t able to help my daughter the way I thought she would.
More info: Instagram

My daughter had then started visiting and volunteering at our local shelter. At first, she struggled immensely with being around animals with her disorder. The sights, sounds, smells all overwhelmed her so much, that she was really hesitant about going back, even though she loves animals. After a few adjustments, she was able to find her niche among the animals, especially cats. She always befriended cats who seemed to get the least amount of attention from visitors (the elderly, the “unfriendly”, or the cats who weren’t the “cutest”). I feel like somehow she identified with them, it was ok that they weren’t “perfect”, but they still had goodness in them and she always made sure to spend her time with them. Unfortunately, most of the cats she bonded with had issues where they weren’t suited for homes with other pets or children.

After a while, she had gotten to the point where wanting a cat was more than just a wish, so I told her to do some research and see if there was a type of cat that would fit well into our family (good with children, other pets, friendly, etc.). I told her that after her research, we would do our best to see if a cat came into a shelter that matched whichever type of cat best fit those requirements. After her research, she came to me with a list of top 5 breeds that would match those personality traits. Guess what her number one choice was… a Sphynx.

I have to admit, when she said that, I had an almost immediate negative reaction to that. I suppose from the portrayal of Sphynx cats in movies and on TV (Mr. Bigglesworth from “Austin Powers” and Rachel’s cat on “Friends”). I didn’t say anything to her, and let her finish telling me why she thought a Sphynx would be a great fit for our family. Not to mention, she had a compelling presentation (complete with a website about Sphynx cats she made). I asked her if their appearance mattered to her, and she said it wasn’t about the way they looked, but more about their personality. Again, this probably struck a chord with her, as she doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold for how a girl “should” dress, and has been teased throughout her life because of that. After hearing all her research, I said that we should ask her mentor at the shelter if they’ve ever received Sphynx cats. Unfortunately, we were told the likelihood of a Sphynx coming into the shelter was almost zero. We reached out to as many shelters in our area as we could, and we were told the same thing. I let her know I would check our local classifieds and would see if anyone posted on there about a Sphynx. It turned out, I was able to find a listing for someone who had taken in her daughter’s Sphynx cat. Unknown to her, the cat was pregnant, so she was looking for homes for the kittens.

I had never seen a Sphynx in person, but I promised my daughter (and myself) that I would have an open mind when going to visit. All I can say is… it was love at first sight. This was when Ollie (our Sphynx boy) joined our family. His big bug eyes melted my heart, and his jumbo ears put a smile on my face that I could not get rid of. I knew right away that he would join our family. Since Ollie joining our family, my daughter has literally gotten a new lease on life. Her symptoms seemed to decrease tenfold. She immediately bonded with him and has become his number one fan. She takes care of him beyond what I thought was possible, and for the past (almost) 3 years, has been there for him beyond just an owner and pet, she is literally his mom. She bathes him, feeds him, talks to him, plans all his birthday celebrations, holds him when the weather is bad and tells him daily how amazing he is.

Ollie had turned our whole family (mainly my oldest daughter) into “Sphynx cat advocates” as she says. She proudly wears a backpack with Ollie printed on it to school, and despite hearing negative comments, she always remains calm and explains how they are not how some people portray them as “scary and mean”.
After having Ollie for a while, my daughter again started asking for a kitty companion for Ollie, as she felt like he would love to have another cat to keep him company. This was when Snowy came into our family. My daughter had been volunteering at her shelter and let me know about this little white mangy kitten with two different colored eyes. I let her know we would visit her, and again, we fell in love and immediately adopted her. Unknowingly to us, Snowy had a genetic condition that would sadly end her life quicker than we knew.

We had only had Snowy for several months when suddenly one day she was extremely lethargic and her nose started looking very pale. I rushed her to our vet, where we were told to take her to the emergency vet. On the way, she didn’t make it and passed away in my husband’s arms. We were told it was a genetic condition, and there was nothing we could have done to save her. We were devastated, and beyond heartbroken. My daughter’s mentor at the shelter let us know that, unfortunately, other cats from that same litter they rescued had also passed, and that we gave her the best life we could in her short time.

We weren’t sure if we were going to get another cat after Snowy passed, as our hearts were all really tender and vulnerable. After some time, we decided we would look again, but this time we would once again check our local classifieds to see if we could get another Sphynx. Ollie was having a very tough time after losing Snowy, so we knew we wanted another companion for him. I ended up finding a listing for a similar situation to Ollie, where the owner had gotten a Sphynx cat and didn’t know she was pregnant. From photos on the classified, it was really hard to see the kitten, so I ended up going to visit, and saw that it was a little pink kitten with two different colored eyes! The hair on my arms stood up as soon as I saw her. It was like a little hairless version of Snowy! Needless to say, this little pink girl ended up being… Rosie!

She fit in almost seamlessly as soon as we brought her home, and you could see the happiness returning to Ollie quickly after she came home. After some time, Rosie and Ollie had their first litter of kittens, and as much as we wanted to keep all the babies, we knew that it was our time to let other people feel the love that we felt when we got our babies. Rosie and Poppy bonded early on, so we knew that she would be staying with us.

Rosie and Ollie brought so much happiness to us, that I decided to start an Instagram page for them. The main purpose was to show my daughters that even though their pets may not look like “traditional” pets, people could have positive reactions to them despite their different appearance. Seeing the (mainly) positive reactions to their photos makes my daughters smile knowing their babies can bring happiness to others too. It’s also been an incredible positive outlet for myself, as I am prone to severe depression.

If I had a crystal ball, I don’t think I would’ve ever predicted my life ending up invested in our cats so much. They are a labor of love, and if there was one take away from it all, it would be that I can completely understand how from first glance, it might be hard to see past a Sphynx cat’s untraditional appearance, but if someone took a chance to learn about this breed, and even meet one, I am fairly confident they would have a different opinion on them. I hope that Sphynx cats will be shown in their true nature as loving, silly, smart, and kind, instead of being portrayed in the exact opposite light.

Ex Blizzard Employee Explains Why He’s Boycotting Blizzard

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The ongoing protests in Hong Kong started off as a fairly localized fight for democracy and freedom, but quickly grew into a full-blown battle between people, companies, and governments. First, there was Daryl Morey who posted a pro-democratic tweet in support for Hong Kong, getting the Houston Rockets practically deleted and having NBA games canceled in China. Then there was South Park with their “Band in China” episode, criticizing the country for its ludicrous censorship laws. This in turn got all of South Park’s episodes deleted in the Chinese Internet.
Now we have Blizzard Entertainment in the news, a AAA gaming company that banned a Hong Kong based gamer Ng Wai Chung from the Hearthstone Tournament, suspending him for a year from Blizzard’s esports, and taking away his prize. This was a reaction to Chung’s exclamation “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times” in Mandarin during Blizzard’s livestream interview with him. Even though this violated their terms of service, gamers were still not happy about such a harsh decision with notable members of the community stepping up and boycotting Blizzard. A tweet posted by Mark Kern, a game developer and former Blizzard Entertainment employee, has surfaced in recent days, supporting the now-banned Hearthstone eSports Tournament participant, Ng Wai Chung.
Mark Kern, a video game developer and former Blizzard employee, took a firm stand on the matter

Image credits: Grummz
In his tweet, he went on to say that unless Blizzard reverses their decision, he will no longer be playing Classic World of Warcraft and gave a detailed account of why he is joining the #BoycottBlizzard movement.
Kern expressed his struggle as a game developer in the industry, how he was booted out of his own company for not wanting to take a 2 million dollar bribe, and how other companies subsidized by the Chinese regime were trying to put Kern out of business using planted press stories.
“Of all the companies in the world, Blizzard is the LAST company I ever expected to give in to China’s demands.” said Kern in his tweet. “It’s one thing to keep politics out of games, which I am still a proponent of doing. It’s another to unfairly and harshly punish voices that speak out against corruption, against abuses of human rights, and freedom.”
Mark Kern concluded by saying he is running a huge risk by expressing his opinion, but this was the last straw. “I stand with Hong Kong, and I oppose Blizzard’s obvious and laughably transparent fear of China. It’s time for Blizzard to grow the spine it used to have, and to do what’s right for gamers once again.”

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz

Image credits: Grummz
It is not to say Blizzard itself is fully on board with this decision. Several of its employees have covered the “Think Globally” and “Every Voice Matters” plaques on the Orc Statue found in Blizzard’s Irvine, CA campus. Some days later, around 30 employees came out of the office to actively protest the decision during work hours.
Some Blizzard employees are also unhappy with the decisions made

Image credits: lackofrealism
This is how people on the Internet reacted…

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Image credits: HuskerShibe
Blizzard’s IPs, mainly Mei from Overwatch, are now being memefied in the hopes of getting Blizzard banned in China

Image credits: Unknown
Among all of this chaos, a group of Internauts have gathered with the intention of getting Blizzard Entertainment banned in China the same way Winnie the Pooh was—using Blizzard’s intellectual properties for anti-China memes. This gave rise to Hong Kong Mei, a meme depicting the Chinese character Mei (or Mei-Ling Zhou) from Overwatch supporting Hong Kong’s fight for freedom.

Image credits: Unknown

Image credits: Unknown

Le Creuset Is Dropping A Star Wars Cookware Line, Including The Darth Vader Dutch Oven And Millennium Falcon Trivet

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Le Creuset has made quite a few Disney collaborations, including Mickey Mouse ramekins, Beauty and the Beast Dutch ovens, and red apple-shaped casserole dishes, a la Snow White. Recently, the company announced another one that certainly won’t go unnoticed. On the 1st of November, Le Creuset is dropping a collection inspired by none other than the cult sci-fi series, Star Wars.
More info:

Image credits: Le Creuset

Image credits: Le Creuset
The products featured in the Star Wars x Le Creuset collection look impressive, to say the least: a “Han Solo in Carbonite” roaster, a Porg pie bird (a ceramic bird that goes in the middle of your pies to let the steam out while they’re baking), Death Star and Millennium Falcon silicone trivets, a Darth Vader Dutch oven and more.

Image credits: Le Creuset

Image credits: Le Creuset
The highlight of the collection is the $900 limited-edition Tatooine round dutch oven. It’s hand-painted, and only nine of them will be produced, paying homage to the “9-part Skywalker Saga.”
If you’re wondering why these products are so expensive, Le Creuset is a 94-year-old premium French cookware manufacturer, known for its high-quality French ovens and other types of cookware.

Image credits: Le Creuset

Image credits: Le Creuset

Image credits: Le Creuset

Image credits: Le Creuset

Image credits: Le Creuset

Orphaned 150-Day-Old Baby Koala Gets Tiny Arm Cast After Falling From A Tree

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Let’s face it, tiny animals getting hurt is probably one of the saddest things in life, but it’s so heartwarming to see them being nurtured back to health by caring humans! This is exactly what happened to tiny koala joey who feel from a tree and was given the most adorable tiny cast. Pictures the tiny baby quickly went viral because obviously, people couldn’t stop looking at this adorable baby.
More info: Instagram | Facebook |
Recently a Werribee Open Range Zoo shared adorable photos of a baby koala wearing a cast

The joey injured her arm when she fell from a tree in a Blue-gum plantation logging area. Sadly, the mother of a 150-day-old baby koala who, at the time, weighed just around 500 grams (~1lb) did not survive.

Her severe injuries led a veterinarian to make a tough decision to euthanize the mother koala. However, her baby was set to have a more fortunate fate.

Even though, when the tiny joey was rescued and brought to the veterinarians of Werribee Zoo, chances of her survival seemed to be slim.

“It was really touch and go when she was brought to us,” said Werribee Vet Nurse Jess Rice. “She was just at the stage where she would have been starting to poke her head out of mum’s pouch. Joeys that size don’t have a good survival rate in care.”

But the carers refused to give up on the tiny animal. An X-ray revealed that the baby has a fractured arm, so vets put on an adorable little cast on her limb and proceeded to provide around the clock care for her.

Soon, the baby recovered her strength, put on some weight and was released back to a specialist wildlife carer. “It will be more than a year before she’s old enough to be released into the wild, so she needs to be with a carer with the resources to take care of her for that long,” Ms. Rice said.

Sadly, the koala habitat is in danger of extinction. The number of these animals are declining and now they are enlisted in the IUCN’s “Red List,” indicating a “vulnerable” state. The koala habitat is suffering from the consequences of climate change, deforestation, and diseases.
Here’s how people reacted

McDonald’s In Hong Kong Offers Wedding Parties For Less Than $400 And This Couple Tried It Out

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Every couple has their own vision of the perfect wedding. And in Hong Kong, a surprisingly popular choice to have your ‘happily ever after’ is McDonald’s. The company there offers four different packages, ranging in cost from about $380 to $1275.
The Happiness Party, which is the cheapest option, provides newlyweds with a two-hour venue rental along with basic audio equipment and the services of a master of ceremonies.
On the other end of the spectrum, the deluxe Love Forever Party includes a two-hour venue rental, two McDonald’s balloon wedding rings, a balloon bridal bouquet, and a party MC. The decorations come with a romantic roses balloon arch, a heart-shaped balloon set, and a ‘love’ balloon table runner.

Image credits: safiyany
To see what all the fuss is about, recently engaged social media personality Safiya Nygaard, 26, traveled to Asia with her fiance Tyler Williams to experience it first hand.

Image credits: safiyany
While she made it clear that this was not her actual wedding, Safiya clarified that she was intrigued by the fact that many people in Hong Kong choose to host their wedding at the fast-food restaurant.

McDonald’s spokesperson Jessica Lee explained that the idea for these offers started because the company occupies a special place in the hearts of many young couples in Hong Kong.
“We started the program because many customers tell us that McDonald’s is where they first started dating,” Ms. Lee told CNBC. “McDonald’s is where their love stories grew.”

“This connection is exactly why they want to hold their wedding parties and even anniversary parties at McDonald’s — to relive sweet beginnings and bring their romantic story full circle.”
That’s right, McDonald’s also throws engagement, anniversary, and bridal shower parties.

Image credits: safiyany

So far, however, the official wedding party service is exclusive to McDonald’s, Hong Kong. So if you’re thinking about celebrating your big day with a Big Mac, you’ll have to save up for a trip.

Learn more about Safiya’s experience in the video below

Here’s what people said about it

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People Said We’d Fail, But My Family Clinic With Video Games And Therapy Cats Is Full Only 6 Months After Opening

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Back in 2017, two of the cats I had raised from kittens had become Guinness World Record Title holders. Arcturus Aldebaran Powers was the tallest cat to ever live and Cygnus Regulus Powers had the longest tail on a cat ever (All my cats are named for stars). I had designed a diet for them that I thought was what would be ideal for a feline species. It was highly synthetic and by no means natural, but I’m all about science and evidence-based things, and I’m fairly sure it turned them both into giants.
Life was pretty great, and we were booking TV shows and charity events, as I was president of the Ferndale Cat Shelter at the time, and the cats’ fame helped us raise money to help Detroit rescue and street cats.
On Nov 12th 2017, my wife (who is also a doctor) left in the morning to go round in the hospital. I woke up about an hour later to smoke alarms and my living room ablaze. I searched for the cats and opened as many escape paths as possible until I finally passed out from smoke. Ultimately, I made it to the basement where I was rescued by first responders. The house burned to the foundation, and we lost everything, including our beloved cats Arcturus, Sirius and Cygnus.
More info: | Facebook

(So this is me here on a random Tuesday with Hyperion, one of the resident therapy cats. Life is good, but it wasn’t always so.)
The tragedy completely devastated me, and it took me over a year to recover mentally and physically from it. When I was cleared to go back to work, I decided I didn’t want to live my life how I did previously. I spent my 20s studying and training to be a doctor, and it was almost all for nothing. I decided that being happy and enjoying my life was worth far more, and so I decided to start my own family practice clinic, Powers Family Medicine.
I decided to theme the practice around me and my interests, which are mostly cats and video games. I told some colleagues that I planned to launch a family practice that would have therapy cats and video game decorations and they told me I was insane and that it would be a complete failure as people want to go to a sterile, simple, professional-looking place for medical care. I decided to proceed anyway, and rented a small office space near the ruins of my old home (which is currently being rebuilt). We have been wildly successful, and are currently the #1 patient-rated family practice in our state.
The therapy cats are all exotic hybrids (early generation Bengals and Savannah cats) who lack the Fel D1 gene in their saliva, and so people with severe cat allergies are unaffected by them. We recently had a patient who is so allergic to cats that she carries an epi-pen for it come to the office. She got to pet Polaris, and broke down into tears because she loves cats but wasn’t able to pet one for almost 30 years. The cats aren’t allowed in sterile zones, but otherwise, have free reign of the office. (They are fully vaccinated and free of zoonotic infections, and so honestly the doorknob to the office is more of a risk to you than they are)
Our clinic is special in that it welcomes truly everyone. We are friendly and cater to the LGBT population, and also have a lot of alt/kink/BDSM, commercial sex workers, polyamorous patients, HIV+ patients (which I treat and prescribe PrEP) and other people who feel like they can’t be open and honest with their doctor. We also have some middle-class families in the mix too, all are welcome and treated with respect! In short, we don’t care what anyone else thinks, just tell us the truth and we will help keep you safe and healthy.
I expected it would take years for me to develop the practice, as 5-7 years is pretty normal. We’ve now been open for 6 months, and as of today, we are completely full. We have over 1000 patients in the practice, and we’ve established a waiting list for people to get on if they want to transfer their care to us. I’m looking into expansion options and hiring some help so that we can continue to accept new patients, but for now, that has to wait.
If you’ve read this far and want to see what we’ve built, let me give you a tour!

Hi! Welcome to the tour! I’m Dr. Powers, and this is my clinic!

In the main lobby, there is a full-size custom arcade machine that pretends to be a yet unreleased title “The Drs. Powers And The Starcats”.

The cats have free rein of the office. Also, every exam room has a SNES classic in it to play while you wait!

Phoenix Arcturus Powers is the resident Savannah cat, and he works on Mondays and Thursdays. He is the half brother of Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, the tallest cat to ever live.

Phoenix basks in the rainbow sunbeams.

Exam room 1, we have special prism film on the windows which produces rainbows when it’s sunny out.

At our clinic, you check in using your initials only. You are then assigned an Amiibo (the name is printed on the bottom if you don’t know the character). Then, when it’s your turn to be called back, my MA will say “Pikachu!” and you come back to the exam room. This way, no matter who is in the lobby at the same time as you, your privacy is maximally preserved.

Phoenix likes to hang out at the nurses’ station and receive pets from patients passing by.

Phoenix is aggressively friendly, and is very demanding for pets and attention from anyone who approaches him.

Panoramic view of the lobby, we have a big screen TV out there which streams multiple streaming services and also has a SNES Classic. On this day someone had queued up Sword Art Online from Crunchyroll

Surrounding the nurses’ station are nano leaf light panels that have an animated ever-flowing rainbow pattern.

Panoramic view of the lobby

The cats tend to really like room 1 due to its warm spot near the windows.

There are many rainbows around the office.

Sometimes the therapy cats have received sufficient pets for the day, and need to take a break to their heated bed.
Behind Polaris on the counter is a question block box. Being as we didn’t need to spend any money on advertising as the clinic was instantly so popular, we instead put someone’s name in the bin when they refer a person who establishes care. Then, we draw names during the month to give away prizes like a Nintendo switch or 3dsXL.

We have a community board where patients or their families can post up whatever they like. Polaroids of the art chalkboard from every month also get posted here.

Lobby big screen

Front desk check-in. I’m really into bitcoin and have been for a very long time, so we accept it at our clinic!

We have a chalkboard where patients can draw whatever they like. It gets erased on the 1st of every month.

Coat rack.

The lobby and every exam room have multi-chargers in place for your convenience.

Another view of the main lobby.

Receptionists desk. Yes, she has a gaming desktop and razer hardware such as her chroma keyboard.

The Guinness world record certificates for my late cats, Arcturus Aldebaran Powers and Cygnus Regulus Powers

The anatomy of Mario at weigh-in.

You’re liable to run into a big cat lounging on an exam table upon entering the room!

Close shot of the anatomy of Mario from Etsy: PipperilloStudios

The back wall has x-rays of the various consoles and gaming controllers

Close up shot of one of the x-rays

Myself, my MA, and whatever resident/med student I have rotating with me for the day all use Razer Blade Stealth gaming laptops with full chroma keyboards as our work laptops.

Exam room 1

Chrono trigger shadowbox. The canisters on the shelf contain my tongue depressors and so on.

The wall in room 1

Super Metroid menu outside exam room 2

Exam room 2

Legend of Zelda shadowbox art

Similar canisters to room 1

Rupee succulent planters from Etsy: HylianWords

Exam room 3 (procedure room)

The countertop of exam room 3

More exam room 3

The kitchen

Another shot of the nano leaf setup around the nurses’ station

When you refer a patient and that person establishes care, your name goes on a blank card and into this bin. Once or twice a month I draw a name out and that person gets a gaming console. Usually a Nintendo switch or 3dsXL

Hyperion Procyon Powers enjoying the rainbow sunbeams

Phoenix works Monday and Thursday, Hyperion Tuesday, and Polaris Wednesday. On Fridays, both Hyperion and Polaris come.

Sometimes over lunch I take a little gaming break.

My wonderful receptionist Laura and my amazing medical assistant Stacy! I couldn’t have made this place without them.
Anyways, thanks for checking us out! We are currently full, and do have a waiting list for anyone who wishes to become a new patient. The list is first come first served, and so as patients move away, we get less busy, or we manage to expand and hire another provider we will pull people off the waiting list.

This post was published with the permission of Dr. William Powers

‘He Was So Terrified When We Brought Him Home 2 Days Ago:’ Man ‘Rescues’ An Abandoned Skeleton Decoration

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Stray cats and dogs aren’t the only ones who need love and care. Some skeletons are searching for new parents, too. Luckily, Halloween is just around the corner. During this time of year, people usually remember these forgotten souls, inviting them into their hearts and homes. Late Night TV writer Jesse McLaren did just that. Jesse surprised his 1.2 million Twitter followers with an adoption announcement — the man took in a “terrified” skeleton. The best part? Jesse documented it becoming a family member.

Image credits: McJesse

Image credits: McJesse

Image credits: McJesse

Image credits: McJesse

Image credits: McJesse
Earlier, Jesse explained that he got it for his sick girlfriend

Image credits: McJesse
He also used it to create a funny cat meme

Image credits: McJesse
People started responding to this thread in the funniest ways

Image credits: pegmit

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If You’re Freezing In Your Office Then These 29 Memes Are For You

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Your hands are shaking so much that your words per minute typing rate increases to never before seen speeds. Your teeth are chattering and sound like you’re playing the Castanets. Your breath comes out in huge clouds of condensation that immediately turn into snow. We’ve all been there: you’re working at the office and you realize that you’re slowly freezing into a popsicle, much like Jack Torrance at the end of The Shining (can’t spoil something that’s been out for ages).
With Autumn already in swing, some office workers are already feeling the ill effects of changing temperatures. Even if you’re the healthiest person around and walk around in shorts all year long, you can’t deny that Summer is over and, in the memorable words of the Starks, Winter is coming. To keep you smiling while you freeze, here are some of the best cold office memes that we collected from the deep, dark, and frigid places of the internet. Be sure to read on for Bored Panda’s full interviews with professor Eddy Ng from Bucknell University about how to resolve issues linked to temperature at the office and how temperature affects our productivity, as well as with Dr. Agne Kajeckaite from the Berlin Social Science Center about how low and high temperatures at offices differently affect men and women.
Scroll down if your scroll wheel isn’t ice-bound yet, upvote your fave memes, and be sure to share this list with your friends who are probably shivering as well. And to remind you that it’s not all about ice and Titanic jokes on planet Earth, check out Bored Panda’s post about the reactions Europeans had to the record-breaking heatwave this Summer.
#1Image credits: aecushing#2#3If you’re shivering at work right now, then I feel your pain: I’m currently wearing my thickest winter jacket at work, while some of my colleagues are in short-sleeved shirts and tights. In my humble opinion, it’s far better to be too hot than it is to be too cold. However, far from everybody shares my point of view, including some incredibly brainy individuals.For example, The Economic Times explains that each time the temperature rises by 1 degree above 27 degrees Celsius (that’s 80.6 Fahrenheit), the productivity of manual laborers drops by 4 percent. So if it’s 33 degrees Celsius, their productivity would be around a quarter less than usual.#4#5Image credits: Redditor#6But let’s return a bit closer to the office now. Bored Panda talked to Eddy Ng, the James and Elizabeth Freeman Professor of Management from Bucknell University, about battling over the AC and thermostat at the office. According to him, it’s possible to settle differences over temperature peacefully.“Try negotiating!  It’s always easier to reach out and ask about someone’s comfort first and then find a happy compromise,” Professor Ng suggested. “It shows that you care and your office mates will reciprocate in kind. They are less likely to willfully dial up or down the thermostat after you’ve had a friendly chat.”#7#8Image credits: Seasonal Memes#9The professor added that “some [office] spaces are cooler or warmer than others, especially when you are under a draught, or next to a sun drenched window” and gave some useful advice on what you can do about it.“Switch cubicles or office space. There are now apps that allow you to regulate the temperature including getting a blast of warm or cool air for a few minutes. If you are perpetually cold, bring a space heater. If you are always warm, bring a fan. There are only so many layers you can peel off.”“There are studies that suggest an optimal range of temperatures for productivity and work performance. For example, every degree increase above 25 degrees Celsius results in a 2 percent decrease in productivity,” the professor cited a different study about temperature and productivity. “Either extremes are counterproductive. What you do and how you do it matters. Workers need to be comfortable to be productive.”#10#11#12Time writes about a slightly controversial new study that further puts into perspective the thermostat and AC battles occurring daily in our offices. The study looked at “differences in the effect of temperature on cognitive performance by gender in a large controlled lab experiment.”Here’s the conclusion researchers reached: “At higher temperatures, women perform better on math and verbal tasks while the reverse effect is observed for men. The increase in female performance in response to higher temperature is significantly larger and more precisely estimated than the corresponding decrease in male performance.”#13Image credits: bakercreek#14#15Image credits: infiniteblaze“In contrast to math and verbal tasks, temperature has no impact on a measure of cognitive reflection for either gender. Our findings suggest that gender mixed workplaces may be able to increase productivity by setting the thermostat higher than current standards,” the scientists wrote. I for one am all for setting the thermostat higher. Way higher. What about you?Let us know in the comments below, how cold it is in your workplace, whether you’d rather be too cold or too hot, as well as how you discuss with your co-workers whether to turn the AC up or down.#16Image credits: Underdawg #17#18Let us know in the comments below, how cold it is in your workplace, whether you’d rather be too cold or too hot, as well as how you discuss with your co-workers whether to turn the AC up or down.#19#20Image credits: Gordondel#21#22#23#24#25#26#27#28#29Image credits: Redditor

40 Times People Were So Surprised By The Things They Found In Second-Hand Books, They Just Had To Share

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The treasures inside second-hand books aren’t limited to the texts they possess. From time to time, readers leave all kinds of gifts for others to discover. Some of them, like a pair of glasses, are simply forgotten between the pages but every once in a while, a good samaritan leaves behind a little thingy just to make your day. Continue scrolling through this list by Bored Panda and check out what I’m talking about for yourself! Oh, and upvote your favorite entries along the way.#1 Found A Little Surprise In The Library Book I BorrowedImage credits: jahrom#2 Nothing Like Picking Up A Book And Finding A Photo (And Autograph) Of The Author InsideImage credits: jennabunnykins#3 These 4 And 5 Leaf Clovers I Found In This Nearly 200-Year-Old BookImage credits: sethyy12345#4 I Found This In A 1949 Children’s Book I Bought TodayImage credits: stitch-witchery#5 Found A Dried Lizard Between My Book’s PagesImage credits: MOstred#6 Used Books Store Has A Wall Of Forgotten BookmarksImage credits: KaiF1SCH#7 Somewhere Back In Time, The Former Owner Of These Glasses Is Still Looking For ThemIt looks like they have been in there so long, they have cracked the binding. Found in “The Story of a Fight” by Hugh LloydImage credits: forgottenbookmarks#8 Note Found In “The Book Of Outdoor Gardening” By Smith And Hawken ⁣Dear Mommy, ⁣I think that you are very very pretty. ⁣Love, ⁣Lacey ⁣I love you Mommy ⁣Image credits: inusedbooks#9 My Son Found A Report Card From Nearly 100 Years Ago In His Library BookImage credits: Carel16#10 A 1970’s Plane TicketImage credits: PointsGenerator#11 I Found This In A Random Book On The Shelves Of A CafeImage credits: Dangjasondang#12 Found In An 1860’s BibleImage credits: tenglempls#13 In A Vintage HemingwayImage credits: cassodragon#14 Beautiful Photo Found In A Copy Of “Birds Of Alaska”Image credits: queen_ghost#15 Found Tucked Between The Pages Of A Secondhand Textbook I BoughtImage credits: HopelessQuantic#16 Found This In House I’m Tearing Apart In A Book Like Someone Wanted To Keep Them Don’t Think It’s Real MoneyImage credits: zangoku#17 We Found This Lovely Lady In A Book We Listed Yesterday. She Has Been Trimmed From A 19th Century Women’s Periodical Or MagazineImage credits: rookebooks#18 A Message And A Coin”Rember meTo my dear friend Hazel, keep this book and read it in your spare time. It was great fun seeing u & I hope to do this again. Until that time keep in touch.Your friend, Juliana R”Image credits: MissGoldenDragon#19 Found This Neat Little Metal Bookmark In “The Life Of Colonel Paul Revere” From 1909Image credits: forgottenbookmarks#20 Found A Cool Surprise In My Library BookImage credits: k80k80k80#21 Could Someone Explain What These Save Buttons Are Doing In The Back Of My Book?Image credits: dangerlopez#22 Received At Our Donation Center. Someone’s Drug Stash In A BookImage credits: friendssfpl#23 Found In An 1860’s Era BibleImage credits: tenglempls#24 Dead Bookworm Found In A Late 16th Century BookImage credits: chimx#25 A 30-Year-Old Ticket Stub To Van Halen’s Monsters Of Rock TourThe book is “Between the strokes of night”, a sci-fi book from 1985 by Charles Sheffield. This “bookmark” might be from the original ownerImage credits: Kindred359#26 Things I Have Found In BooksAmongst all these letters, photos and bookmarks you will see a report from the Adult Parole Board dated 1987. The person mentioned had been in Pentridge Prison since late 1977 for a very vicious murder committed under the influence of alcohol. The eleven page report states that he was quite intelligent and articulate but had been in trouble while in prison and had been moved around the prison system.It also says that he was hoping to start a new life once released and planned on changing his name. Whether he was released, or when, is unknown as I can find no record of him after the date on the parole papersImage credits: A Charming Handmade Bookmark Found In “Little Women”Image credits: forgottenbookmarks#28 Found A Dog License From 1919 In “The Oregon Trail”Image credits: unmoderated#29 My Mother Found A 108-Year-Old Ticket To A Fair In An Old Book Being Used As A BookmarkImage credits: The_Law_Giver#30 Found In My Copy Of “Moby-Dick”Image credits: Booksandcards#31 Found A Garden’s Worth Of Pressed Flowers And Plants In A Book From 1833Found in volume five of “The New Testament with Commentary and Critical Notes by Adam Clarke” published by B. Waugh and T. MasonImage credits: unmoderated#32 One Key, Tied To A String. Found In A Sealed Envelope From The Gladstone Hotel In New York CityThe book was “Dr. Priestley Investigates” by John RhodeImage credits: forgottenbookmarks#33 Ambassador And Madame J. H. Van Roijen Red Cross Membership Card From 1956Image credits: uair01#34 A Guy In My Japanese Class Found This In The Back Of His Book. Can RelateImage credits: funkystuhero#35 Found In Textbook. Guess They Were Lightening Up The MoodImage credits: Found This In A 1947 Red Cross First Aid TextbookImage credits: RayRayWaters#37 That Time Edgar Allan Poe Fell Out Of My Library Book. This Academic Baby Daddy Just Made My DayImage credits: megsbentley#38 Sometimes What You Find In An Old Book Is A Bit More Exciting Than The Old Book ItselfImage credits: jennifer.rojeanne#39 Vintage Paper Doll Pieces Found In “Joyful Songs”Image credits: inusedbooks#40 Favorite Photos I’ve Found Left In BooksImage credits: isnotacrayon

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